A Sponge-themed Sponge bath was made with chocolate sponge

Mashable article A sponge bath was created in honor of the upcoming Spongebob movie, with SpongeBob creator Eric Siegel taking to Twitter to post a video of the creation.

Siegel said the sponge bath, which he dubbed “The Sponge-Boomer,” was inspired by SpongeBob’s sponge bath from the show.

“I was thinking of all the times SpongeBob made a sponge bath for a special occasion, so I was going to do it, and I decided to make a sponge-inspired sponge bath,” Siegel said in the video.

“This sponge bath looks like a Spongebogum type of thing.

It’s just a sponge that has a little bubble inside, and it has this little ball of chocolate inside it, so it’s just really, really delicious.”

The Spongebobo bath has a sponge inside, which was made using a chocolate sponge.

Siegel also posted the video to Instagram, where it garnered more than 2,600 likes and nearly 8,000 comments.

In the video, Siegel explains the process behind creating the Spongebabomb sponge bath.

“You’ve got a little bit of a sponge, a little of a little piece of chocolate, you put it inside, then you melt it,” he said.

“You just melt it until you’re done.”

Siegel also shared a photo of the SpongeBobo bath, along with the hashtag “#thespongebaboomer.”

He captioned the post, “And then we put it in a bowl and I had it sitting on the stove.”

You can view the Sponge-babombers video above.