‘Baby sponge’ sparks controversy in Israel over her birth

The “baby sponge” who inspired a storm of controversy in an Israeli town after being named after her birth has been named a princess.

The “baby spongers” were born in the town of Alsouria, on the northern outskirts of Jerusalem, after an Israeli hospital named their baby sponge after her father.

Alsourian children are given a choice of names and the city has named many of them after her.

Her parents, a nursery school teacher and a social worker, were not allowed to have any children but they wanted to name their baby “Princess Sofia” after their daughter.

But when they decided to name her after their “father”, the city council rejected the name and the family had to change it to “Sofia”.

“When I first saw her, I thought it was a silly name.

It was not her name, she is not their daughter,” said Yossi Rabin, who was born in 1967 and has three other children.”

But when I read it, I was stunned,” he told the Algemeiner newspaper.”

The only thing that I was thinking about was whether I could change the name of the baby sponge from Sofia to Princess Sofia.

I didn’t want to offend anyone,” he said.”

My husband had to make a decision, but he said, ‘Don’t change the names.’

He said, I can’t change her name because it is a national holiday.”

Rabin said his wife and children were not happy with the decision.

“I’m sure they are very upset because they don’t like the name Sofia because it makes it a holiday for many people,” he added.

But he added that the family was happy to have the name changed.

“We want to keep it for all the children.

We don’t want any changes to the name, even if it is the name that people want to change,” he explained.”

When we see the names changed, we are happy.

It’s a normal thing in Israel.”