‘Bones’ actor reveals how ‘the curse’ has left him with no friends

Bones actor Chris Nothum has revealed how he has no friends and how he tries to get through the ‘buzz’ of fame without feeling like he’s on a roller coaster.

‘There’s a lot of people that have never heard of me, they’ve never seen me, but they’ll tell you that I am a badass, and I’m a badass because I’ve never been afraid of anything, and if I ever feel like I’m being overlooked or that something is lacking in the world, I know that I’m not going to let it happen again,’ he told the Daily Mail.

‘And I’ve just got to be willing to work through it.’

The actor’s new film The Curse of The Sponge Bob is set to be released on February 25.

He said: ‘I don’t really have friends anymore.

There’s a whole world out there that has never seen my face, that hasn’t ever met me.

I don’t have a social circle, I don ‘ve got no friends.’

I try not to let anyone else know what I’ve been through.

I try to stay in the shadows, and that’s why I’ve got a few friends who are people I don’ t know.’

But I do know that when I’m on stage I’m going to be a fucking badass, because that’s how I feel.’

That’s how it is with all my friends, I’ve made a name for myself, I’m just trying to be humble and say I’ve seen all of this before, so that maybe you can’t really tell if you’ve never heard me before.’

He continued: ‘There are people that will say I’m the worst thing that ever happened to SpongeBob, and the funniest thing that has ever happened in SpongeBob SquarePants, and they’ll say I was an idiot.’

And then they’ll go on to say I made a lot, and it was a lot.

But the funny thing is that there’s a good part of me that wants to say, ‘Yeah, yeah, I can’t believe you did that’.’

But then there’s the part of the me that just wants to go, ‘I wish I could have done that!”

I want to go to the movies with them, I want to see them in person.

I want people to come and watch me.’

And he’s not the only one.

Nothums co-star Josh Gad also tweeted his support of Nothuns film on Sunday, saying: ‘The curse is in Spongebob, and he can go to his grave as soon as he finishes his SpongeBob.

We should all be grateful.’

He also retweeted a fan who said: You know what is the most amazing thing?

People being surprised when you’re the biggest and best that ever lived.

I love you Chris!

And then there was the voice of SpongeBob himself, actor John DiMaggio.’

Oh my god, I am so grateful, and so proud of my friend, Chris,’ he wrote.

‘He’s one of the best!

He’s so brave and brave and so amazing.’

And actor David Schwimmer was also behind the hashtag #ChrisNothumNoFriends.

‘This is really, really good news, because we can now see how far Chris has come since ‘The Curse of the SpongeBob’ aired, and how much we’ve grown from being only aware of him as a human being,’ he said in a statement.

‘We can finally celebrate that his character is finally back in the spotlight, with a movie he created, and with a new film starring him.

‘It’s a testament to his amazing talent, and to the amazing people that love him.’

We have a great future together.

Chris and I will be sharing some crazy adventures together in the future, and we’re already excited to see what comes next.’