Chocolate sponge cake with chocolate sponge cake batter recipe

Hello, my name is Melissa and I love to make sponge cakes and I have this sponge cake recipe.

You could say it’s my personal favorite sponge cake.

I have been making sponge cakes for years, I have had a lot of experience with them and they are so easy to make.

You just need some good quality ingredients and a good blender.

This sponge cake is the perfect addition to any chocolate sponge party!

It is so good on its own or layered with other chocolate desserts like chocolate mousse, chocolate cookies and chocolate ice cream.

It is also a great dessert for dessert parties and birthday parties.

If you like sponge cakes then you should try this recipe.

It makes a beautiful cake for decorating or just for entertaining.

This recipe is a winner!

If you have not tried this sponge cakes before, I highly recommend you try it!

You will love it! Enjoy!