Home Depot sells 3,500 new ‘Orethral’ sponge covers for $2.99 each

A new Home Depot item is a home depot sponge.

The store sells 3.5 inches of the product for $1.29, or 1.49 ounces, according to an online search of the store’s website.

The sponge covers are made of a durable polymer that’s designed to last for months.

The company says the sponge covers come in a variety of colors.

It sells them for $3.99 a pop and the items are available at most Home Depot stores in the U.S. The new item is available at stores including Home Depot and Walmart, according the company.

The Orethral brand is a brand that was popularized by the movie Orethra, which follows a girl named Anna, who becomes obsessed with a man named Eurethra.

A couple of the Orethrals are available in a number of different colors and designs.

The brand has a reputation for quality, and its product has also been widely praised for its durability.