How to make a fractal sponge

A little fractal!

Here are the basic steps: First, cut a piece of paper to the length of your palm, then wrap a piece about the size of your thumb with a string.

This will act as a little sponge, with a small hole that will be the tip of the sponge.

This sponge will float to the top, and you will need to keep the string wrapped around it.

After you are done, fill the sponge with a bit of water.

The water will make the sponge float to a new level.

You will need a very large sponge.

You may need to make more than one.

Then, cover the sponge in a cloth.

You can use a towel, or even a sponge blanket, if you like.

You should make a hole on the inside of the blanket to fill with water.

When the sponge is finished, cut it into small pieces, about the same size as your thumb.

You’ll need to glue these small pieces together to form a fractally shaped sponge.

When you are ready, cut another piece of the same paper, then put it over the first one.

You now have a fractale, a little piece of fabric that will eventually float to top level.

(It may look a bit like a small bubble in the middle of the paper, but this is just an illusion.)

When you finish this one, you’ll have a big, solid, colorful sponge.

If you do it right, you should be able to make two of them, each about the width of a large piece of toilet paper.

After the first sponge is done, cover it in a towel and leave it for several hours.

After a day, the next one should float to your hand, and the second sponge should float a few inches above the first.

Now you have two fractale sponge, which will eventually form a perfect sphere.