How to make the perfect buffalo sponge and other buffalo candies

The trick to creating the perfect sponge, or buffalo candy, is in the balance between the sweetness and the crunch.

The trick is to find a sweet spot where the flavors don’t clash.

There are several ways to achieve this, and the ones I like to do the best are the “baboon” method, where you melt the butter into the sponge, then spread it out in a single layer and then mix in sugar.

You can use either white or dark chocolate, and you can mix it up a bit by adding a little more sugar if you prefer.

(I find it best to use chocolate, as it’s softer and easier to mix.)

But you can also use a mixture of all-purpose flour, or all-spice, or even some other sweetener, to help create the desired texture.

If you’re like me, and like the taste of a big bowl of buffalo candying, the trick is in finding a sweet-tasting butter that is also a little bit crunchy.

You don’t want the butter to be overly soft or chewy, so it’s best to keep the butter in the middle of the baking sheet, and then spread the whole thing out on the baking paper to allow it to sit.

Then, as soon as the paper dries, scoop it out with a spoon and place it in the refrigerator to chill.

The next day, when you’re ready to make your buffalo candy you can easily add it to your favorite bowls or jars.