How to Make Your First Bathroom Sponge, From Sponge Daddy

When your kids have trouble getting a sponge out of the tub, you’ll probably need to get creative.

So how do you get it out?

Here’s how to get your first sponge to make your tub a splashier, more festive place.


Put a few towels into a dish.

You’ll need a towel that’s large enough to cover the entire tub, and the same size as the sponge.

Put some baby wipes or a small towel in there to hold the sponge in place, and make sure to cover it.

It’ll be easier to remove the sponge when you’ve got the towel around it. 2.

Put the sponge under a plastic sheet.

A small towel will make it easier to get a sponge into the tub.

Use it to cover a towel.


Wrap the towel in plastic and place it in the sink.


Add the sponge to the sink, and use it to get the sponge out.


Take a sponge and wipe the sponge with the towel.

You can also use a towel to wipe the towel with.


Put more towels on top of the sponge and use the towel to cover and cover.


Fill your tub with towels and you’re ready to make the splashy splash!

Here’s a video of the process.

You may want to use a small bucket and a towel, or you can make a big sponge using a large towel and a small sponge.


Pour the water out of your tub and then fill the tub with another large towel.

Fill the tub again and repeat this process.


Once the tub is full of water, you’re done. 10. Enjoy!