Miracle sponge used in emergency response in California

A sponge that is designed to keep the body hydrated during an emergency has been used to keep people from freezing in a frozen lake.

The miracle sponge was first introduced in a small lake near San Francisco in California, but officials in the state say it has proven to be a lifesaver.

It’s called Miracle Sponge and it’s used to help keep people cool during severe weather.

The sponge is designed with a small loop on the inside that allows it to be submerged in water and then released, allowing the sponge to be quickly and easily released to cool the body, officials said.

It also makes the sponge more effective in cooling down the body during an extended period of time.

A spokesman for the Department of Public Health said the sponge is being used to provide hydration to people in areas with high snow and ice accumulation.

It’s not yet clear how many people have used it.

The department says the sponge was tested in several locations across the country and found it to have a 99.9 percent efficacy rate, according to the department.ABC News’ Michael E. Miller contributed to this report.