Norwex: ‘We are not going to be the first’ to use ‘black sponge’ for facial masks

WESTMINSTER, Denmark — It’s not the first time Norway has used the term “black sponge” for a product.

But the Norwegians have also been a leader in developing a sponge mask.

For the first half of the year, the company will be making the product available only in a few locations.

It’s still in the development stage, but it has been a success in many Norwegian communities.

The Norweggiens are not alone.

The Swedish company has launched a white sponge mask for facial treatments in many Scandinavian countries, and the Dutch company, A-Sol, has been making a white cream sponge mask in a number of European countries.

The Norwegian company is hoping to reach more markets in the next two years.

A lot of people have already been looking for a sponge-mask for their facial treatments, so I think this is a really interesting time to be able to have it.

So I’m very happy to have something that’s actually coming from Norway and will be very popular with Norwegian consumers.

Norway is known for its natural beauty.

It has one of the most pristine beaches in Europe, as well as one of Europe’s highest tides.

So it’s not surprising that people are interested in natural products, especially when it comes to facial masks.