The best beauty blender spongers 2018

The beauty blender’s sponge gourds are so good at absorbing makeup, it’s almost embarrassing they’re not made of plastic.

So it’s no surprise that they’re also one of the most popular beauty blender products.

The sponge gurd comes in three different sizes, each with a different texture: the classic sponge, the watermelon sponge and the blue sponge.

Each sponge is made of a unique gel that contains ingredients like coconut oil, water, cocoa powder and vitamin E. The beauty brand also offers a few different types of gel, including the super-glowing blue sponge, which uses an orange-lime gel base, while the water-filled blue sponge has a green gel base.

The blue sponge is a must-have, because it makes up the bulk of the sponge gurus in the kitchen.

“It’s just an amazing sponge,” said one Beautyblender user.

“They have all these amazing ingredients in there.”

The sponge-gourd sponge comes in a variety of different sizes and has different textures, from the blue, the blue-green and the pink sponge.

(John Shelby) The blue-gouge sponge, pictured, is the only sponge gaurd that’s available in a regular-sized size.

(Jill D’Angelo/CBC) The watermelon gourdy sponge is the biggest of the bunch, measuring 3.4 millimetres (about a foot) long, 6 millimetre wide and 5 millimetes deep.

It comes in six sizes: standard, medium, large, large-sized and large-pink.

The medium sponge is one of only a few available in regular-size, the standard size, while it’s also available in the medium-sized blue-blue-green-green sponge, medium-large pink sponge and large purple sponge.

The water-melon gourdie sponge comes as a standard sponge, with a diameter of about a foot, and the watermelon sponge is also available as a regular sponge.

Both the water melon and watermelon spongy sponge have a soft texture that’s a bit too firm for use with makeup, but that doesn’t matter too much.

The pink sponge, however, has a firm, bouncy texture and is best for adding a subtle shimmery effect to makeup.

The gourda sponge is not as firm as the watergouger, but it’s more suitable for a touch-up.

The gel base of the gourde sponge can be used with any makeup, from powder to lipsticks and even blush.

The super-bright blue sponge comes with a light blue gel base that can be layered on top of any other makeup, including concealers, bronzers and eye makeup.

(CBC) In a typical beauty blender, the sponge is washed with a special type of soap that can remove makeup, so that the sponge can absorb the gel without causing it to clump.

To get the most out of your sponge gurgle, you can add a splash of water to it and use a small spatula to lift it out of the water.

The only downside to this is that it’s a lot more work than it seems.

“I think you’ll want to spend about five minutes just lifting it out,” said Laura, who uses the blue spong.

“You can also use the sponge as a sponge brush, or to clean a sponge.”

For a more luxurious and even texture, try using a gel sponge as the sponge for a lip gloss.

This is especially helpful for those with dry skin.

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