What are the best sanding and sanding pads?

How to sand a car and get it ready to roll, even if it’s just for a weekend excursion.

We’re in for another fun round of sanding this weekend as we prepare to roll out our new 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 and 2500R.

The first question to ask is: what are the most effective sanding sponges?

To find out, we spent some time testing out some new pads from American Racing Products.

Here’s what we learned.1.

The 3m Sanding Sponge, Grout Sponge and Sanding Brush, $129.95 at Amazon2.

American Racing products: The American Racing pads, $99.95 each3.

What’s the best grout sponge?

A cheap grout spong.

The best is from American Racers, $5.95 for a set.4.

The American Race pads are a bit more expensive, $19.95.

We also love the grout brush from American R& Racing, $4.95 ($7.95 shipping)5.

American Race recommends that you sand your grout in an air-dry area.

But we found that it takes about three weeks of use before your car gets back to normal, which can be a challenge if you have to wait to get the pad ready to go to the shop.

So if you need to sand more frequently, we recommend using a grout tool instead.

If you have a lot of grit to go around, consider getting a grating pad to sand over a period of time.