What do you do if you find a piece of your pet’s favourite sponge in a jar?

When you find the favourite toy of a beloved pet, it’s easy to get frustrated and think you’re missing out.

But there are a few simple tips to help your pet get over the hump.

If you find one of your furry friends’ favourite pet-related objects in a pet jar, it might be an old toy or a bowl.

If it’s a bowl of a favourite snack, the next step is to check it’s still in the jar and it’s OK.

If it’s something like a sponge, there’s no need to be alarmed because it’s unlikely the pet has eaten it.

However, if you’re finding a piece or a lot of pet-shaped items in your pet jar that you’ve lost track of, then it’s time to call your vet.

It might be a common allergy or an old piece of the pet’s toy that has just been discarded.

If there’s a sign on the lid that says “not for human consumption”, it’s likely a bad batch has been discarded and you should check the contents of the jar before consuming it.

If the pet is a young one, the easiest way to test for pet food allergies is to take a sniff and give the pet a drop of your favourite pet food.

If the sniff is positive, you can take it home and put it in a bowl to feed it.

The pet food is not meant to be a treat, but it’s often used as a food source for other pets that have a similar problem.

The best thing to do is check the product’s ingredients.

You might see the ingredients listed under the “Nutrition” section or on the packaging, and these can be used as an alternative to a pet food for people with a specific allergy to nuts or seeds.

For more information on pet food and pet allergies, check out the ABC’s guide to pet food allergy.