What the hell happened to the white sponge?

White sponge is back in the mix for the 2019 World Cup, according to reports. 

The World Cup has been played twice in 2018, and both times it has been a showcase for some of the world’s top talent.

The first tournament in 2018 was dominated by the USA, led by the world number one in Alex Morgan and the European champions, Spain.

It featured a great match between Spain and the Netherlands, with a game ending 0-0.

The second tournament in 2019 featured some big names in France, England, Italy and Germany.

The winner of the match would qualify for the 2018 World Cup. 

Then came the big World Cup final in 2019.

In a tense final, Spain won 3-1, and then the Netherlands took home the title.

The Dutch won the World Cup again, but not with the same style.

The World Cup finals have a reputation of being very entertaining, with the best teams in the world coming together.

In 2019, it was a rematch between Spain, who won 2-1 on aggregate, and the Dutch. 

This time, the game between Spain in the final was a little different, and a big difference too.

Spain played an even more aggressive style, and it was Spain who got the goal. 

Spain, in the first half, was looking for a way back into the game.

They went down to 10 men after half an hour of play, but with a goal from Sergio Ramos, they scored a consolation goal, the third goal of the game to seal victory. 

With a goal like that, Spain will likely get to play in the World Series finals in 2019, which will take place in Germany. 

There was also another big game in the quarterfinals, with France and Germany battling it out for the title, but Spain were able to score a late equaliser in the end. 

It was the final of the World Championships, which was played between Brazil and Russia in the same stadium, and they won 2–1. 

Brazil had an amazing tournament, beating everyone except Germany and Uruguay, who lost 2–0 to Russia in a tie that ended 2-2. 

If you missed it, watch this great game in 2018 in the video below.