When pets get sick, you may be left to clean up their mess

The petco store where my husband and I picked up a new sofa is no stranger to messy guests.

But I’ve never seen the same amount of petco debris in a single day as I did in just a few minutes on Thursday, and it took the entire day to clear up the sofa.

I have no idea how long the sofa was left, but we figured out that it was an hour and a half after the sofa arrived, and that it needed to be taken to the petco, where it would be cleaned and disinfected.

I spent about 45 minutes in the petcco cleaning booth, where a small group of pet owners sat in a circle around a large plastic bucket.

There was a sign in front of the plastic bucket asking for guests to please clean up.

At first, I thought this was a bit strange, because I’ve been in petco for about a year, but then I realized that most petco is pretty well-maintained and the plastic buckets are made of polyethylene.

I took a few photos, but no one came out to help.

When we arrived, the petcos were busy scrubbing the floor with a plastic rake and wiping the carpet with a rag.

We waited in line, but the line quickly became crowded.

Petco was a petco like any other retail store, and there were no pets allowed in the parking lot.

I was shocked to see that even the dogs were being treated like pets.

They were being dragged around in their cages, and they were getting the same treatment as the cats.

One of the pet owners was in her 20s, and her son was in his 30s.

He had a severe back problem, so he was not able to sit up straight, but he had no idea what was going on with the furniture in the carpet.

After we left the petcon, we asked if the family was OK.

The son said he didn’t know.

I explained that the carpet was not clean and that they needed to do something to clean it.

He seemed very upset and confused, so I told him to call me.

I called the petcenter, and a representative told us that it would take about 15 minutes to clean the carpet, which is probably not good enough time.

She explained that she had taken over from a local petco worker and that the workers were trying to find some help to help the carpet get cleaned.

It was an extremely stressful situation.

We had to go into the pet center, where the worker told us she was going to help us with cleaning the carpet and get it cleaned.

She said she would call us back when the carpet is clean.

I then told her that we would have to clean all of the carpet to make sure that there was nothing left behind.

After a few hours, the worker came back and told us to wait while she cleaned the carpet again.

She told us there was no time to waste.

After the worker left, I noticed that a lot of the furniture was on the floor, so we decided to go back and wait until she finished the carpet cleaning.

The next morning, I asked the worker if the furniture that had been sitting on the carpet for so long had been cleaned.

The worker replied that it had not, but it had to be cleaned because the carpet had a coating of wood dust on it.

I told the worker that I didn’t want to be responsible for a messy carpet that I had cleaned.

I thought it was rude to assume that because we had not cleaned it, it was still in bad shape.

I did not want to get the carpet wet, so she suggested that I call her later.

I told her we would wait and we would call again.

I hung up the phone, and I wondered if the carpet could have been cleaned a bit more quickly, since I thought the carpet would have been a mess before I had gotten there.

I also wondered if I should have brought a towel to clean.

I then went to the Petcco manager, who told me that they could not take any of the pets.

He said that they did not have a time limit and that I could have the pets cleaned in another room or at a different Petccol.

I went back to the customer service desk and asked for help.

When I went to speak with a representative, she told me to call back later.

She had not given me a time-limit, but said that the time limit was two hours.

I said that would not work, because it was already two hours late and I wanted to go home and clean my house before then.

She replied that she would not take my calls.

I asked why she was taking my calls, and she replied that I did have to call the manager.

She went on to say that I needed to call her back, but I did.

After about an hour, I finally called her back.

She hung up and hung up.

She was not there when I called