Why do we eat so many vegan sponge cakes?

We’re eating so many sponge cakes, says an Amazon.com spokeswoman.

“There are over 100 different types of sponge cakes and they’re all vegan,” she says.

The spokeswoman says Amazon has no plans to change its policy, and is encouraging people to try the new sponge cakes at home.

The cakes have been on Amazon’s shelves for nearly a year.

But the spokeswoman says the company has no formal policy.

Amazon.com says there are more than 100 types of vegan sponge cake.

The spokesperson says it is still in the process of identifying which products qualify for a vegan option.

A few products are already on the shelves.

The company says there will be a special vegan sponge baking menu in stores starting later this month.

The spokesman says Amazon will not sell products made with soy, corn or dairy.