Why you should avoid the pink sponge cake

Why you shouldn’t eat the pink plastic sponge cake in Japan?

The pink sponge cakes, which have been the subject of numerous complaints, are not as fluffy as you’d expect and are often over cooked.

That’s because they are made from soft, soft plastic and the sponge cakes are soft plastic, which means they are less dense than regular sponge cakes.

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You’ll often hear complaints about the pink colour, which is generally referred to as pink-pink plastic or pink plastic.

There are a few different complaints, but the main one is the way the sponge cake is cooked.

The sponge cakes have to be boiled for a few minutes before they are eaten.

It’s best to eat the spongecake while it’s hot, so that it’s cooked enough to cook all the ingredients, including the sponge.

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